Housing Qualities Characteristics towards Relationship on House Prices

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Muhamad Hilmi Mohamad @ Masri
Abdul Hadi Nawawi
Edie Ezwan Mohd Safian
Ahmad Fawwaz Ahmad Saleh


The research was conducted in order to obtain measurement for characteristics quality of houses in Malaysia. The aim of this research was to produce the results needed for the relationship between house qualities and house prices. The methodology used in this research was primarily by AHP and Regression Analysis conducted between the characteristics and house prices. Data collection gathered through a sampling of landed terrace houses in the Klang district was incorporated for this. The results from the research showed several significant findings that can improve quality of life for targeted households.


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Mohamad @ Masri, M.H., Nawawi, A.H., Mohd Safian, E.E. and Ahmad Saleh, A.F. 2018. Housing Qualities Characteristics towards Relationship on House Prices. Asian Journal of Quality of Life. 4, 15 (Dec. 2018), 1–18. DOI:https://doi.org/10.21834/ajqol.v4i15.183.


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