Food Connection for Golden Triangle, Taiwan


  • Chen Ting WU Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, No.1,Section 4, Roosevelt Rd., 10617 Taipei, Taiwan ROC
  • Shenglin Elijah Chang Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, No.1,Section 4, Roosevelt Rd., 10617 Taipei, Taiwan ROC



food, ethnic food, diaspora, Identity


This paper examines how exotic cuisines become the mechanism glue different ethnic groups together and enhanced the quality of community life in the so-called Golden Triangle in the Longgang area of Taoyuan, Taiwan. The Golden Triangle Longgang has been famous for its cultural diversities, especially the numbers of the exotic restaurants, including Burma cuisines, Hakka cuisines, Taiwanese cuisines, Chinese Mainlanders’ cuisines, Islamic cuisines and so on. In this paper, the research particularly investigates the relationships between the Burma cuisines and the quality of community life within the Burma-Chinese ethnic groups.

Keywords: food;ethnic food;diaspora; Identity

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